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Scott Mescudi Vs. The World

Lyricially, it continues on the autobiography track series like its predecessor, and follows the themes like depression,[25] loneliness,[24] detachment,[24] and isolation,[24] but in a darker context. Greg Kot of Chicago Tribune commented "He plunges into a world of bravado and after-parties, with their endless supply of drugs and women."[14] Cudi's lyrics on Man on the Moon II address his former cocaine addiction,[26] newfound fame,[27] family issues,[28] alcoholism,[29] and women.[27] On the first two songs of the album "Scott Mescudi vs the World" and "Revofev", Cudi provides an introduction to the album where he demonstrates the high and lows, also telling the kids to have hope. "Don't Play This Song" is where Cudi gives a brief explanation of his history of drug use,[30] and he gives an unraveling of his suppressed thoughts hinting at suicide.[31] "Marijuana" is an ode to cannabis where Cudi tactfully presents it as a relief to his mental distress.[31] The lead single "Erase Me" is about a girl who hates Cudi, but can't forget him.[27] Throughout the album, the subject matter of doubt shines, with songs that display emotions of uncertainty ("These Worries", "The End") and the dark experiences that Cudi had ("Maniac", "Mr. Rager").[32] On "Ghost!" he describes going through life's trials and tribulations and becoming desensitized to the harrowing journey.[33] SgtPeppers of Sputnikmusic notes "Through metaphors, we learn about the rise and fall, and the rise of the alter-ego "Mr. Rager". How he, in the end, paid the price for all of his antagonizing actions, but became a better person because of it. Experience = Wisdom, this is the theme of the album. And though this album is all about "Mr. Rager", this is the most honest he has ever been with us."[32]

Scott Mescudi Vs. The World



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