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[S1E2] A Seat At The Table |VERIFIED|

Bradley asks her mom on the phone if Hal went to his meeting. Sandy says he's been out for hours and went to see a friend after his meeting. Bradley says he can't see that friend because that's like putting drugs right in front of him. Sandy's worried, but Bradley says after this event, she'll come home and deal with it herself. Cory says he's going to take her to her seat.

[S1E2] A Seat at the Table


Alison introduces Alex to her mom and they take a picture together for Instagram. Alex greets Geneva, Fred, and Yanko and they all take their seats. Alex tries to figure out the other people seated at the table. She asks Chip if they forgot to take off Mitch and Paige. Chip hints at a problem but won't tell her what it is. Suddenly, Cory comes up and shows Bradley her seat, next to Alex. Both Alex and Bradley are shocked by this, as well as everyone else at the table. Bradley clarifies that she's not seeing Cory. She doesn't even know why she's there. Chip is also surprised to see her.

Alex takes some deep breaths in the bathroom and then touches up her face. Audra comes out of the stall and says she's sorry about everything that's happened. She's looking forward to Alex's speech. After she leaves, Bradley comes in. She knows it's weird that she's at the table with them. She doesn't know what Cory's doing, but she feels very stupid and she thinks she's been thrown around by the guys all day. She tells Alex about the meetings she's had. Alex tells Bradley she's all the table to mess with Alex. Alex asks why Bradley stayed at the table. Bradley says she can't tell the head of the network to fuck off. She's not like Alex. She's a nobody.

As this is happening, Louise convinces the school counselor that Bob has died. When he visits the restaurant he is shocked to find Bob is still alive and threatens to call child services however, Gloria changes his mind, Louise and Gene point out that he "took them away from learning" and "making them go into his car without putting their seat-belts on" even though they were the ones who told him to take them to the restaurant.

A group of friends decide to go out to the movies. Fred and Tom are bringing dates, while their 2 friends are going alone. When the friends arrive at the movie theater, they find a row of six seats so they can all sit together.

Think of the seats as an arrangement of people in a line. Fred and Tom must sit next to their dates, so you can treat the pair as a single object. The only difference is that we must then multiply by 2, since we can switch the order in which they sit down at will (either Fred or his date can sit on the left).

Things take a turn when two men with guns break the window to the dining room and enter their home to do them harm. The first man demands that the family stand up from their seats at the table, but no one moves, and the mother continues to scream. The first man then says to the family menacingly, "stay quiet, stay alive." The mother's name is revealed to be Diane Weckerle, as her husband pleads with her to do what the men ask of her.

Jenko gathers the group (Penhall, Ioki, Hanson, and Hoffs) around a table to go over their cases. Ioki goes first, sliding a bag of cocaine across the table. Jenko was under the impression that the Parker Center Precinct could not front him the money for a few more days, but Ioki states that, despite the fact that he only had $2,000, the dealer let him take the rest of it in good faith. Jenko says he can get Ioki a warrant by morning for the dealer's arrest.

Hanson watches as a hostess guides Tyrell to his table with another indivdual, who seems upset at Tyrell's tardiness. He asks Tyrell if he has "the stuff," which Tyrell assures him he does. Meanwhile, Hanson is distracted by a hostile encounter with the bartender but looks back just in time to see Tyrell and the other individual concluding their meeting.

As the taxi swerves in and out of traffic, the pursuit appears to be going successfully until the taxi rear-ends Tyrell's car. Tyrell emerges from the car, irate, then recognizes Hanson in the back seat, immediately growing concerned. He questions Hanson, asking him if he's following him, pulling a gun on him in the process. He shoots out the back window of the cab, gets back in his car, and takes off. Hanson urgently instructs the cab driver to follow Tyrell, who unfortunately doesn't make it far, as his taxi will not run.

Lastly, Stephanie (Anna Lore) is brought in for questioning after the GCPD suspect she may be helping Turner. Rahart Adams also stars. Jeff Hunt directed the episode written by James Stoteraux & Chad Fiveash (#102). Original airdate 3/21/2023. Every episode of GOTHAM KNIGHTS will be available to stream on The CW App and the day after broadcast for free and without a subscription, log-in or authentication required. s01e02 102 1.02 s1e2 gotham knights episode ( season 1, episode 2 )

Jeffrey Skilling: Around Enron as you can tell, we have kind of an entrepreneurial culture. A lot of people do a lot of things. The thing we look for more than anything else is that, is there someone pounding the table?

Carol Coale: And at that moment, investors were jumping out of their seats. I mean, literally jumping to call their traders to buy the stock, they went into a buying frenzy. Looking around the room at the senior management of Enron, it was like the Cheshire Cats. They all had smiles on their faces that almost seemed unreal.

John Emshwiller: Skilling was also something of a thrill seeker, and brought this to the office culture. He would organize these extreme outings. They would become known as 'mighty man' trips. Colleagues and associates joined him in the Australian Outback, racing Land Cruisers and eating grub worms. Skilling had also built a brand new Mediterranean mansion in a community called River Oaks.It was basically the Beverly Hills of Houston. The new Skilling took Enron to new heights, and whether it was his image, his effect on the culture, or his ideas, it paid off. His ventures at Enron became so successful that the company's reported revenues doubled in just one year, to $100 billion. Soon afterwards, in early 2001, Enron appointed Skilling to the top job, CEO. But one great year wasn't good enough. Enron promised investors double-digit earnings growth every year, and Skilling had to deliver.By this time, Enron's domestic pipelines, their original business were still churning out steady but unspectacular profits. Between 80 and 90% of Enron's earnings were coming from its wholesale trading operation, buying and selling gas, electricity, and other commodities, the business that had developed out of Skilling's gas bank idea.The broadband initiative was still losing money, but it was one of Skilling's pet projects. The company also had billions of dollars locked up in international assets, natural gas power plants in India, pipelines in Brazil, a water company in Argentina. These costly investments were bringing in returns, but weren't as profitable as Enron wanted. Skilling went to sell off these foreign assets. That sector of the business was run by Enron Senior Exec Rebecca Mark-Jusbasche, the CEO of Enron International.

Mike Anderson: So again, I think Skilling was under immense pressure to make the numbers, but no matter how much pressure you're under, you can't go out and make false and misleading statements on an analyst call, or to the investors, to the employees, to the regulators, you can't do that. And if you do, then you're going to get indicted potentially and be accountable for that.

Speaker 10: I was highly alarmed by the information I was receiving. I was not comfortable confronting either Mr. Skilling or Mr. Fastow with my concerns. To do so, I believed would've been a job terminating move.

Four months later, Mulder and Scully meet in a downtown Washington, D.C. bar at lunchtime. Scully declines his offer of a drink, due to the early time of day. As the FBI agents start to search for a seat, they are observed by one of several men seated at the bar. At a table, Mulder briefs Scully on the disappearance of Colonel Robert Budahas, the man found by the military police earlier; he is, since 1963, the sixth pilot to have gone missing from Ellens Air Base, where he had been stationed.

It is well documented that people of size face intense, death-threatening weight discrimination from the medical field. If you work with students who will go into medicine, you have a front-row seat to be able to end this dangerous oppression.

Mrs. Fitz enters, happy to see the returning party. She hugs Rupert and tells the men to go to the kitchen for food. She insults Murtagh and he playfully grabs her for a kiss and leaves with the other men. Mrs. Fitz then spies Claire and Jamie introduces them and tells her Murtagh found her and Dougal said to bring her along. Knowing Dougal's word is law, she welcomes Claire and tells her they'll find her something to eat and something more suitable to wear than her plain shift. Claire wonders about Jamie who says he can take care of himself, but Claire tells Mrs. Fitz that he's been wounded and needs tending to. Mrs. Fitz asks if Claire is a charmer or a Beaton and Claire, confused, says she's something like that. Mrs. Fitz orders Jamie to follow and he knows better than to argue with her.

Jamie tells Claire that Randall was sending a message: this is what you get when you fight back against the English. Randall then has Jamie's arms tied up and he proceeds to whip Jamie's back, raising red welts as Jenny cries. Randall then says he's sure that Jenny will be able to offer him more suitable entertainment in the house. Jamie orders her not to go with him even if Randall kills him. Randall then punches Jamie with the handle of his dagger, knocking him unconscious.

That night, Claire reluctantly enters the hall for dinner, nervously walking the gauntlet of long tables filled with diners who grow silent and stare as she passes. She approaches the head table where Colum sits with Dougal and another woman and curtseys. Dougal offers her a chair next to Colum. Colum cheerfully pours Claire some wine and introduces her to his wife Letitia. Colum asks if Mrs. FitzGibbons gave her comfortable lodgings and Claire says that Mrs. Fitz is a wonder. Letitia says it's a wonder how Mrs. Fitz manages to bake such bannocks with the poor ovens they have at the castle. She then tosses a bannock to Claire who just barely catches it. 041b061a72


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