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What is the maximum amount of engraving that can be imprinted on a wedding band?

The amount of engraving that can be made on a ring is contingent upon various factors such as the width, size, and the type of engraving.

For rings that are small and narrow, you should use one-line phrases with up to 15 characters.

The maximum number of characters per line for diamond engraving is usually about 45. Do you wish to have two lines of engraving? When selecting your ring, ensure that it is at least 5mm wide.

If you are looking to engrave many characters or words on your ring, laser engraving is the ideal option. We can help you select a font that is suitable for your needs.

If you choose to hand-engrave, it is recommended to make the engravings as brief as you can. This will leave only enough space for the name and date, as hand-engraved engraving takes up a significant amount of space.

How long will the engraving last on wedding bands? The space available isn't the only factor that affects the technique of engraving. It also influences the durability of the engraved text. The relatively flat engraving made by the diamond technique for instance, may change over time. Laser engraving is more durable. Inlay and hand engraving are also extremely durable, piercing the ring material quite deep and being legible for extended periods of time.

Wedding rings with engravings from Josef Christ

If you decide to have your engravings done at JC Christ you can select from various engraving techniques. We provide an unconditional satisfaction guarantee to ensure that you're satisfied with the engraving of your wedding rings.

You will treasure your wedding rings for the rest of your life. Explore our collection and select the rings and engravings you like. They will be delivered to you at a time that suits you. You don't need to risk anything because you can return the rings within 30 days if you're not happy.

We are also happy to engrave your wedding ring If you already have the perfect ring, but you still need engraving. We can engrave the wedding rings anytime.

Do you have any questions regarding engraving wedding rings or engagement rings? Contact us. Our knowledgeable staff will be happy to answer any questions you might have and will be happy to implement your ideas!

Let us help you tell your story through a wedding ring engraving!

Diamond engraving

Diamond engraving is a simple process that can be used for projects that are short-term. There are some limitations on handwriting and symbols. Contact us for more details. We're happy to provide you with guidance.

Laser engraving

Laser engraving is the most flexible method of engraving wedding rings. Because of its high precision it provides a broad variety of options to implement ideas. It is important to remember that laser engraving is not able to show your ideas in color. It is strong and is able to withstand any friction. The laser engraving will stay even the wedding rings change in size.

Intarsia engraving

If you choose to use bicolor wedding bands, engraving in intarsia will look stunning. Intarsia is very elegant. This method involves removing the material and filling the gap left by liquid gold. The engraving on the wedding band is then polished to perfection.

Hand engraving

Hand engraving occurs when the desired symbol or phrase is written on the wedding band by hand. This doesn't mean that you are engrave your own handwriting. Hand engraving is a technique that requires practice and expertise. However the results are distinctive and can be engraved in a variety of depths and angles.


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