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Don't Give Up The Ship !!LINK!!

When the British Navy sailed in casually thinking the Americans wouldn't be much of a challenge for their superior ships, ol' Captain Lawerence quickly taught them that tea time was over. After sending plenty of red coats down to the depths, he challenged the British frigate Chesapeake to a one on one no holds barred battle outside Boston.

Don't Give Up the Ship

With the Chesapeake ramming Lawerence and a solid sized musket ball deep in his leg, the Cap'n in full dress uniform on deck roared "Don't give up the ship, fight her till she sinks, fire faster, don't give up the ship!"

Text: When the US Frigate Chesapeake sailed down Boston Harbor on the morning of June 1, 1813, sightseers cheered the ship and crew as they passed. The British frigate Shannon waited off Boston Light to fight the American ship. Bostonians expected an easy victory. After all, many American warships had sailed from Boston and returned triumphant. Excited crowds gave the officers and crew a hero's welcome. However, Chesapeake never returned. After a quick, fierce engagement the Americans surrendered. During the battle, American Captain James Lawrence suffered a mortal wound. He directed his Surgeon's Mate to tell the crew to "fire faster and not give up the ship."

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Sailors know how important coffee is. In fact, sometimes we run on the stuff more than fuel or wind, so we decided to make sure our mugs could keep it hot and provide plenty of it. Holding a respectable 16oz of your favorite beverage and made from heavy ceramic to keep it hot all the longer, our mugs are a perfect companion whether standing watch on the ship or sitting to watch your favorite shows.

Chauncey realized that the converted merchant ships and the small schooners being built would not be powerful enough to wrest control of the lake from the British, so he ordered Dan Dobbins, a skilled Lake Erie pilot who was overseeing construction at Erie, to build a pair of 20-gun brigs that would outgun the largest British ships on the lake. These sister ships would eventually become the USS Niagara and the USS Lawrence, and they would win the Battle of Lake Erie

The yards at Black Rock and Presque Isle were vulnerable to British amphibious raids. With no ships of his own on the lake, Perry was powerless to stop them. But the local British army commander, Brigadier General Henry Proctor, was operating against American forces near the Maumee River at the western end of the lake, and he could not spare the men.

With rudimentary defences in place, and Dobbins on hand to manage construction of the brigs, Perry set out on a series of trips to Pittsburgh to obtain whatever building materials and supplies he scrape up. He was also hoping to locate 200 carpenters and shipbuilders who had been sent from the east coast to work on the brigs at Erie, but who had not yet arrived. Each journey to Pittsburgh, by road and water, took three days.

As supplies, equipment, and workers trickled into Erie, progress on the ships quickened. Two small schooners were launched in April, and another in May. The Lawrence was launched on June 25 and the Niagara and the last of the smaller ships were launched on July 4.

Perry had enough sailors to get the gunboats to Erie, but naval warfare in the age of sail was a labor-intensive business, and he needed more than 500 men to properly crew his fleet. He had fewer than one hundred. Throughout the winter and spring, the Navy Department had dispatched hundreds of sailors to the lakes, ostensibly to crew American ships on both Lake Ontario and Lake Erie. But Chauncey, whose ships were already sparring with the British on Lake Ontario, kept nearly all of them.

Still critically short of trained hands, Perry now turned his attention to his last major problem: moving Niagara and Lawrence over the sandbar and onto the lake. Perry and his shipbuilders had had six months to think about how they would accomplish this next task.

But surprisingly, Barclay hesitated. The American gunboats formed a line of battle, and from a distance he could not tell if the larger brigs were ready for action. Wary of the American ships and aware that his own crews were understrength and undertrained he suddenly found himself reluctant to risk his fleet. He withdrew. Energized by their close call with disaster, the Americans completed the movement of Niagara and rapidly re-armed the vessel.

On Aug. 11, he set sail for Put-in-Bay, an island at the western end of the lake, where he would continue to prepare his ships and crews for battle and monitor British naval activity. On arrival, he received 100 frontier militiamen from General William H. Harrison, commander of American ground forces, to serve aboard the American ships as marines.

Captain James Lawrence (1781-1813) was mortally wounded on May 6, 1813, during an engagement in the War of 1812 between his ship, the USS "Chesapeake," and the British frigate HMS "Shannon." While being carried below deck, Lawrence is said to have uttered his last command-"Don't give up the ship!"-which became a popular rallying cry of the American navy. Miller was interested in patriotic themes throughout his career. In this early painting, he worked in a tradition of depicting the tragic deaths of military heroes, established by Benjamin West, John Trumbull, and Francesco Bartolozzi.

The story goes, while the crew aboard the Chesapeake engaged in close combat with the British frigate H.M.S Shannon, Cpt. Lawrence, with a bullet wound to his leg, yelled from the gun deck to his crew, "Don't give up the ship! Fight her till she sinks! Fire faster! Don't give up the ship!"

Scrooge McDuck is forced to take in his three nephews Huey, Dewey, and Louie, when their Uncle Donald enlists in the Navy. As they learn to get along, the mysterious El Capitán (1987) hires the Beagle Boys to steal a small wooden ship from Scrooge's museum, saying it is a map to a real treasure ship.

The show opens in the city of Duckburg, where Scrooge McDuck is swimming in his three cubic-acre vault of cash. He is forced to stop, though, by the realization that he is late for something. So, with a quick change out of his swimsuit and into his normal attire, he makes his way to the pier, where his nephew Donald Duck, now enlisted in the Navy, is preparing to ship out. As Scrooge arrives, Donald is saying goodbye to his nephews, Huey, Dewey and Louie, leaving them in the care of Scrooge while he's away. The boys are not very keen on staying with Scrooge for an indefinite period, and Scrooge is not keen about the idea either, but Scrooge is "the only one [Donald] trust[s]" with watching the kids. After Donald leaves, Scrooge brings the boys to his mansion, where he introduces them (and the viewers) to Duckworth the Butler. The boys are forced to have their meals sent to them in the attic, and receive a letter from Donald about his "adventures" in the Navy. After reading the letter, the boys manage to get out of the attic to fool around the mansion before Scrooge decides to leave for his Money Bin. Duckworth has firm orders to not let the kids leave the mansion, but the boys tie him up with a curtain sash ("This is definitely going to delay dinner"). Scrooge reluctantly allows the trio to hang around his bin, provided they don't touch anything. Scrooge tries to get the boys off his mind by kicking out solicitors. Among them is the leader of the Junior Woodchucks, whose offer Scrooge shows interest in. Just then, the nephews get ahold of a small wooden ship in Scrooge's museum that they thought they could send to Donald. Infuriated, Scrooge has them grounded.

Meanwhile, three of the Beagle Boys: Big Time, Burger and Bouncer manage to escape from jail using bombs that were sent to them disguised as bonbons. They then meet with El Capitán, the person who sent them the bombs, in the abandoned O'Lorange Theater. El Capitán, an anthropomorphic dog in a trench coat, arranged their escape because they are experts on Scrooge's Money Bin, and he wants them to steal a small wooden ship from it. The nephews, upset with Scrooge punishing them, decide to run away, but happen to notice El Capitán on the streets. They also notice the Beagle Boys in the Money Bin and run in to investigate. They fail to stop the Beagles from stealing the model ship, but the criminals end up leaving behind a map of Scrooge's Money Bin drawn on the back on a theater flyer. Scrooge comes in, having been awakened by the alarm; the boys try to explain what happened, but he refuses to believe them, thinking that the kids are the only ones who were interested in stealing the little boat. Luckily, the nephews figure out that the theater advertised on the flyer is where the Beagles are hiding out, and, thanks to the Junior Woodchucks Guidebook, they construct a hang glider to get out of the attic.

Afterwards, they head for the O'Lorange Theater, where they find El Capitán and the Beagles discussing the boat. According to El Capitán, it is actually a map that leads to a sunken treasure ship full of gold, and he is the only one who can interpret the code. The nephews nab the ship and escape, figuring that Scrooge will help them. The Beagles chase the trio all the way to Scrooge's candy factory, where Scrooge himself is answering questions for an interview, which eventually causes him to admit that he's grown fond of those pesky nephews. The two trios crash in, and Scrooge's nephews explain what's going on. A food fight breaks out, which eventually results in the Beagle Boys being covered in chocolate and sent back to the jailhouse. Scrooge apologizes to his grandnephews for not believing them earlier, realizing that this odd map may have something deep to it. El Capitán, meanwhile, swears revenge. 041b061a72


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