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Microsoft Office 2016 ISO Free [PATCHED] Download And Install Without A Product Key

Some Office 2019, Office 2016, and Office 2013 products come with a product key. If yours did, before installing Microsoft 365 for the first time, sign in with an existing or new Microsoft account and enter your product key at Redeeming your key is what links your account with Microsoft 365 so you only have to do this once. Already did this? Select the tab below for the version you're trying to install.

Microsoft Office 2016 ISO free download and install without a product key

Download Zip:

You must purchase a license for the products you plan to download and have access to a valid product key for each license to complete the installation. Verify your license entitlement before downloading products.

The use of Download Manager is an option when downloading a software product from the VLSC. Once installed, Download Manager is automatically used to manage subsequent product downloads. To install Download Manager:

To download the offline installer, go to If you're not already signed in with the Microsoft account associated with your copy of Microsoft 365 or Microsoft 365 do that now. If you're signed in with a different account, sign out of that and then sign in again with the correct Microsoft account.

If you have a Microsoft 365 for business product you can use the Microsoft 365 Deployment Tool (ODT) to download and install Microsoft 365 or Microsoft 365 offline. The tool is designed for enterprise environments and runs from the command line, so the steps are more complicated--but they'll still work for installation on a single device.

Whatever your situation, head to Microsoft's Download Office page. Sign in, input your product key, and download your version of Office. There are ways to get a free and legal Microsoft Office license if you don't have one.

Office 2016 is the second latest version in the Microsoft Office family. Microsoft focuses entirely on distribution with online installers, and makes it extremely hard to find usable disk images for offline installation. Finally, we were able to dig out some offline installers, although, these downloads are merely images of the backup media downloads, based on the click-to-run technology.

The following links point to the official download server Instead of ISO format, they come as IMG images. These files are pure backup media, and can't be installed without a retail product key.

Do you want to use Office 2016 on your PC? This post from MiniTool Partition Wizard offers you the Office 2016 download for free. You can get it and then install it on your PC. It also shows you how to update it to the latest version.

Microsoft Office 2016 is no longer available for sale. If you want to download Office 2016, you need to download it from other websites. If you want to get the Microsoft Office 2016 free download, you can click the following download links:

However, to use this tool, you need to disable the real-time protection of Windows Defender first. Otherwise, it will be deleted once you download it. Then, you can use this tool to install Office 2016.

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So you need to activate Office 2016 but don't have product key? Now, on this page, I'm going to show you how to activate Office 2016 without product key. I will take Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016 in Windows 10 as an example. If you are using other versions of Office 2016 on other Windows, the ways shown below will also work.

If you have ever installed genuine Office 2016 with product key, but later lost or misplaced the product key, you can retrieve the product key by using a Product Key Finder tool. Then use the retrieved key to activate Office 2016.

If you get free Microsoft Office Professional 2016 installed without the product key, you still have to activate it before you can use it. Although there are many free ways (or tools) over the net which allows you to activate Office 2016 without the product key, we advise not to try any of them, because you cannot tell if the way (or tool) is harmful to your Windows PC, and to a degree, these free ways or tools actually cause infringement of Microsoft's rights. So the best way is to ask Microsoft for the product key or activation code.

You may need to reinstall or install Microsoft Office 2016 on your computer, and during the installing process, you are prompted to enter a 25-character product key. If you have a license key for MS Office 2016, enter it on the text box to finish the installation.

If you do not have a product key, or it's the first time to install Office 2016 on your computer, you may need to buy an activation key for your Office Program. You can purchase the Office 2016 product key from

If you have installed Office 2016 in your computer before and it's already activated, but you forgot or lost the product key, we have three methods as below for you to check and view the product code.

I'm reinstalling a friend's PC, and now I have to install Microsoft Office 2016 Home & Student. My friend gave to me the card with the product key, the instructions say to go to however I can't download the installer without logging in a Microsoft Account. Of course I don't have my friend's credentials, I just want to download and install the software, he'll log into his account and then he'll activate the software.

I'm reinstalling a friend's PC, and now I have to install Microsoft Office 2016 Home & Student. My friend gave to me the card with the product key, the instructions say to go to however I can't download the installer without logging in a Microsoft Account.

Optional: download the Office 2016 installation file if you don't already have it or have a CD. You can download it from MS using one of the below options. I assume you have downloaded the Office 2016 Pro Plus version in the rest of this answer.

In the Select a file menu, select Setup32.exe in the Office 2016 drive (eg in the Office folder) to start the Office 2016 installation process. Hopefully it will install properly and exit without any errors.

Had to use POL wine 3.14 (latest 3.19 or 3.0 /3.4 did not work for me) on Ubuntu 18.04 and steps 1-5 post Kevin to get MS Office 2016 (Word/Excel/Powerpoint) started. If you download the complete office 2016 IMG file, the installation includes your personal license and is already activated on start.

Note: If using the ODT installation method, Office will not install as part of the CrossOver Software Installer wizard. Use the 'Run Command' inside the newly created bottle to navigate to and launch your batch file. During a download you will not receive progress updates, however the Office 2016 Pro Plus and Visio is approx. 1.8GB so you can monitor the download directory size or the log file to monitor progress. During install you will receive visual progress updates.

Note: The above Microsoft article does not include the Product ID for Microsoft Office 2016 Standalone which is typically associated with licenses purchased through the Microsoft Home Use Program (HUP). The product ID for this is ProPlusRetail (Source: ). These installations are licensed by a Product Key rather than a subscription.

The script needs one of the original office 2016 install DVD ISO images from back in 2015; you can find them around, all languages together about 80Gb. You can find the original SHA1 checksums online so you are sure not to install a pirated version.Microsoft switched to now distributing setup.exe and image files (e.g. the Office Deployment Tool) that have all updates in them. THESE VERSIONS DO NOT WORK, because on the run MS added a check that win7 is no longer supported!

Microsoft has put out the free download of Office 2016 for Mac public preview, without any Office 365 subscription required. The new software includes support for Retina displays, iCloud syncing, and looks like the versions of Office currently available on Windows and mobile.

All of the Office products share a licensing file and the method of activation. For KMS licensing, Activation can be automated or activation can be performed on first use. For MAK based licensing an automated activation approach works best.This recipe provides an automated approach to the installation of both KMS and MAK keys when deploying desktops. This solution can be used if you are only deploying office itself or if you are also integrating Visio and/or Project and even if you are integrating different versions of Visio and Project.The solution has several separate components including:

Office Activation scripts have been included in conjunction with the Citrix optimizer for a long time. However they are often updated. When you upgrade App Layering versions it is recommended to also upgrade the scripts that come with our gold tools self extracting zip.To do this add a version to your OS layer. Download the tools from the Citrix downloads web site, from the Tools section, called "citrix_app_layering_os_machine_tools_version.exe". Or if you are automatically receiving App Layering software updates from Citrix through the ELM, the OS MAchine Tools package is in your configured Network File Share, in the Unidesk\Upgrade Disks\version folder, with the same name as above. Put that file in your packaging machine. Right-click on the .EXE, get Properties, and select to Unblock the file if offered.Then execute the installer. It will unpack the scripts into the C:\Windows\setup\scripts folder. These files include new versions of the optimizer, kmssetup.cmd and the three office specific scripts we care about: OfficeActivate.cmd, NoReReg.cmd and Office2013Windows81_PREP.cmd. Running the installer will overwite the scripts already present in the OS layer, but it will not remove or overwrite any configurations you have already specified. The settings you have specified are stored in files that are not part of the scripts package. So you don't have to worry about preserving anything. It can't hurt to make a copy of the Scripts folder before you start, but there should be no danger.Updating the scripts in the OS layer allows you to use them for all the Office layers you might want to use. For Office the utility provides the ability to activate office during or after the build using KMS by just selecting the appropriate checkbox when creating the layer. MAK is also supported but not recommended. Do any other OS layer updates desired and finalize the OS layer. If you choose to run the Optimizer in the OS Layer, please do not select any Office options yt. Office options should always be done only in the Office layer itself.


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