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The Long Kiss Goodnight

Samantha Caine is a schoolteacher in small-town Honesdale, Pennsylvania, living with her boyfriend, Hal, and her daughter, Caitlin. Eight years earlier, she was found washed ashore on a New Jersey beach, pregnant with Caitlin and totally amnesiac. Having never remembered her real name, "Samantha" has hired a number of ineffective private investigators to discover her past, the latest being the down-on-his-luck Mitch Henessey. During the Christmas holidays, Samantha is involved in a car accident and suffers a brief concussion; when she recovers, she finds she possesses skills with a knife that she cannot explain. Shortly thereafter, the family home is broken into by "One-Eyed Jack", a convict who escaped from jail after seeing Samantha's face on television. Samantha demonstrates her fighting prowess by killing Jack bare-handed. Worried that she poses a danger to Hal and Caitlin, Samantha leaves with Mitch, who has found a suitcase belonging to her, to seek out answers.

The Long Kiss Goodnight

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The suitcase contains a note directing them to Dr. Nathan Waldman. They arrange to meet at a train station unaware that government agents are tapping the doctor's calls. En route, Samantha discovers the bottom of the suitcase contains a disassembled sniper rifle which she can expertly reassemble, along with other weapons. When Samantha and Mitch go to meet Waldman at the station, they are attacked by a team of agents who shoot numerous bystanders, but the two escape with Waldman's help. The doctor informs Samantha that she is really an expert CIA assassin, Charlene Elizabeth "Charly" Baltimore, who had disappeared eight years earlier.

It's hard not to bring up this film while discussing Shane Black. Before I saw it, I had heard that this was meant to be the epitome of the writer and director, so I was anticipating something along the lines of Lethal Weapon or The Nice Guys, but with a more diverse team. And, in part, that's what I got. Black's Christmas fixation is evident, and most of the conversation is peppered with the quips and wit that distinguishes him.

Without Geena Davis, "The Long Kiss Goodnight" could have been lost in its own excess. The intensity, the explosions, and the ridiculous conspiracy-amnesia plot all reflect a kind of big-budget action movie that no longer exists. And Davis, in the lead role(s), sells the story with heart and wit, a perfect fit for writer Shane Black's layers of irony. So why was it her last role as a Hollywood leading lady?

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Eight years later, "Samantha", who has a career as a schoolteacher and raises Caitlin with her boyfriend Hal, appears on the news after surviving a car accident. This attracts the attention of One-Eyed Jack, who wants revenge for Charly carving out his eye when he tried to kill her. He attacks her at her house, but her long-dormant CIA training kicks in and he kills him with her bare hands. Timothy finds out about One-Eyed Jack's death, and deduces that Samantha is really Charly. Fearing that she will recover her memory and expose the conspiracy, Perkins orders Timothy to kill her. Charly, meanwhile, hires private detective Mitch Hennessey to find out why One-Eyed Jack tried to kill her.

SEX/NUDITY 3 - Sexual innuendo, kissing. Twice we see a woman nude but with her arms covering her breasts; in one of these scenes we see part of her buttocks. We see bra and panties through a woman's nightgown. A prostitute is on top of a man having sex (no nudity is seen). 041b061a72


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