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Metals constitute an important class of substances that can act as allergens. It is known that metals are constituents in consumer products such as jewelers, cosmetics, paints, dental and body implants as well as endovascular and intracardiac devices. Apart from the well known significance of nickel, chromium, and cobalt in inducing skin hypersensitivity other metals such as aluminum, beryllium, copper, gold, iridium, mercury, palladium, platinum, rhodium, and titanium are emerging human body sensitizers. In the US nickel, chromium and cobalt induce allergic skin reactions in about 14%, 4%, and 9% while in Europe in about 20%, 4%, and 7%, respectively [72]. Stented regions constitute, therefore, an ideal surrounding for endothelial damage and dysfunction, together with hemorheologic changes and turbulence as well as platelet dysfunction, coagulation and fibrinolytic disturbances. All stent components, namely, stent platforms with their metals, polymer coatings and the released drugs are strong allergens which apply continuous, repetitive, persistent and chronic allergic irritation to the coronary intima. Consequently, the stented and thrombotic areas are infiltrated by inflammatory cells including eosinophils, macrophages, T-cells and mast cells [73]. That is why we have insisted that stent thrombosis is mainly a manifestation of Kounis syndrome [74].

Mercury v1.0.2 KONTAKT

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