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MegaMan X3 (PC).rar [WORK]

Guest ReviewerThe question is : Why is the intro music the same of the staff roll of megaman X2 ?Maybe for the same reason that MM1's ending music was used for MM2's opening music, to tie them together in a musical way.

MegaMan X3 (PC).rar

Windows Explorer (the file manager in Windows) uses the part of the filename after the last period character ("the extension") to determine file type. That's why various file formats based on PKZIP archives have different extensions: .zip for general data, .jar for Java applications, .smzip for StepMania, .cbz for sequences of JPEG or PNG images ("comic book zip"), .odt for OASIS text documents, .ods for OASIS spreadsheets, etc. Likewise, RAR has .rar for general data, .cbr for image sequences, and .rsn (RAR Super Nintendo) for sets of SPC files.


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