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Download Avast Terbaru Full Version 2013 __EXCLUSIVE__

The free version of AVG AntiVirus used to be the most popular and well known free antivirus software and they are currently at the second spot after avast! Free Antivirus. AVG has an updated graphical user interface to match the Windows 8 modern UI. It helps protect your computer from viruses, malicious emails, web-based attacks, and identity theft. The anti-spam, firewall and performance fix functions are excluded from the free version. Surprisingly phone support is available to free users but only for certain countries such as US and UK.

Download Avast Terbaru Full Version 2013


Kingsoft is another China company with its headquarters in Beijing, famous for their office application as an alternative to Microsoft Office. The company has been in the antivirus industry for over 10 years. Kingsoft Antivirus is a fully featured antivirus program that is able to scan and clean viruses from your computer, provides defense to your web browser, instant messaging, watching videos, download files and even USB flash drives. It also comes with an anti-hacker module, not to be mistaken as a firewall. The anti-hacker provides an additional protection against common actions launched from remote access tool (RAT) trojan such as secretly turning on webcam and silently controlling the PC. You can find a vulnerability scanner, scheduler, process manager, silent mode and etc.

As always ,you have help me getting through some of the daily problems ,much appreciated all your and your associates hardwork to keep this site running.Happy Noel and wish you all a 2013 full of hapiness and joy

You have accidentally downloaded the FULL trial version of Avast (good for only 30 days free). Make sure to get the FREE one for a year of usage before re-registering. For even LESS problems, consider using Microsoft Security Essentials (see the tip in my Top Tips section on the right) if you are using Windows Vista, 7, or 8. Works great and always free. Good luck.


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