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What is a free bet bonus? Which bookmakers apply it?

Participating in bonus-based betting and placing bets, you have probably heard of bookmaker free bet offers bonuses. However, do you understand its meaning as well as which bookmakers are implementing this policy? If not, let's refer to the content of the article, where we will provide you with useful and informative information on this matter.

What is a free bet bonus?

A free bet bonus is a form of promotion offered by bookmakers, allowing players to use that amount to place bets without using real money in their accounts. Applying free bet bonuses enables players to experience games, sports events, and other betting options without investing too much money. The convenience of this gameplay is highly appreciated by many, and it is also a form of attracting players by current betting companies.

However, to use free bet bonuses, players also need to meet all the rules and conditions set by the bookmaker. These requirements include: the minimum betting amount to be used, the allowed type of bets, the expiration date for using the free bet, etc.

When you are entitled to an offer and use a free bet bonus, it is essential to thoroughly read the terms and conditions of that program to avoid losing unjust money, using expired promotions, or having promotions canceled halfway. Free bet bonuses are suitable for players to try out new betting options, thereby gaining more experience, accumulating predictive abilities, and making accurate selections in the future.

Which bookmakers apply free bet bonuses?

Having understood the nature of free bet bonuses, which bookmakers are currently applying this policy? This issue is also of interest to many people. In fact, almost every bookmaker applies this promotional policy, so you should choose reputable and long-standing bookmakers to participate. Here are the reliable bookmakers, well-known brands, and trusted by many:


Fun88 is undoubtedly no stranger to Vietnamese bettors. This address has been operating for many years and has an extremely high coverage rate. Fun88's reliability has been affirmed for many years. Moreover, this is a bookmaker with significant financial resources, so it frequently applies various programs of free bet bonuses.

Prominent free bet bonus programs at Fun88 include:

Giving away 388k when players deposit to play all products issued by the bookmaker.

Receiving 300k when participating in E-Sports betting.

Starting a new season with a weekly reward of 300k.

Getting up to 2 million in total refunds when playing the lottery.

Receiving 28K into the account upon successful account verification.

Being insured for losing bets up to 300k when playing at the casino.

Receiving 888k when playing fish shooting games, etc.

In addition to the above free bet bonus promotions, Fun88 also applies many other programs. Especially, these promotions all have expiration dates, so please note this, use them within the specified time frame to enjoy the best offers.


This bookmaker was newly established in 2019 and is relatively young in the Vietnamese list of the betting site market, but it always receives high praise from players. The bookmaker always puts the interests of players first, which is why despite being new, VN88 also applies many free bet bonus policies for its members.

The list of free bet bonus programs at VN88 includes:

Receiving unlimited betting money when introducing new friends.

Getting 88k when successfully verifying the account.

Receiving 50k into the account when registering, depositing money on mobile, etc.


When it comes to substantial free bet bonuses, FB88 is undoubtedly a well-known name. This bookmaker has made a significant mark with its attractive policies and promotions given to players.


W88 is also a newcomer to Vietnam, but with its audacity and reputation, it always receives high ratings. Below are the super attractive free bet bonus programs that this unit applies:

New members will receive 10 million when playing in the sports hall.

Successfully verifying the account will get 60K directly into the account.

Participating in football festivals will have the opportunity to receive a bonus of 10 million.

Introducing friends will receive millions of dong in betting wallets, etc.


In conclusion, free bet bonuses offer an excellent opportunity for players to engage in betting activities without risking their own money. Understanding the terms and conditions attached to these bonuses is crucial to maximizing their benefits and avoiding any potential pitfalls. By selecting reputable bookmakers like Fun88, VN88, FB88, and W88, players can access a wide range of free bet promotions while enjoying a secure and trustworthy betting environment.

It's essential for players to stay informed about the latest promotions and bonus offers from betting site comparison to make the most out of their betting experience. Regularly checking for updates and understanding the terms of each promotion ensures that players can take advantage of the best deals available.

Ultimately, free bet bonuses serve as valuable tools for players to explore new betting options, hone their skills, and potentially increase their winnings without the initial financial commitment. With the right approach and knowledge, players can make the most out of these bonuses and enhance their overall betting experience.


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