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Everything You Need to Know About Penalty Shootout Betting in Football

Penalty shootouts, with their nerve-wracking and dramatic nature, always hold a strong appeal to betting enthusiasts. However, do you know what penalty shootout betting in football entails? Or the most accurate strategies for analyzing penalty kicks? If not, let's explore the details with the leading bookmaker -, in the article below.

Penalty Shootout Betting: Explained

In football matches with direct elimination characteristics, if the two teams remain tied after the official 90 minutes and extra time, a penalty shootout will be held to determine the winner.

In football, a penalty shootout consists of representatives from each team taking turns to shoot penalty kicks according to a predetermined list. Typically, the penalty shootout will determine the outcome of the match after 5 penalty kicks for each team.

However, if the score remains tied after this initial round, the shootout will continue, and each subsequent penalty kick will be decisive. The team leading by one goal after a round will be declared the winner, and the match will conclude.

To meet the betting demands of many enthusiasts, bookmakers offer odds for penalty shootouts to accompany the match. Players placing bets on this type of bet will receive results immediately after the shootout ends. If your prediction is correct and you win, you'll receive a corresponding prize based on the betting odds. Conversely, if you lose the bet, you'll lose the entire amount wagered.

Depending on personal preferences and the bookmaker rating, different types of bets with varying rules are available. For example: betting on the number of successful saves, betting on the number of shots off target, betting on shots hitting the goal frame, betting on the ultimate winning team, etc.

Therefore, before participating in any penalty shootout bets, make sure to carefully read and comply with the requirements of reputable bookmakers.

Common Types of Penalty Shootout Bets You Should Know

As mentioned above, there are many different types of penalty shootout bets, each with its own rules and gameplay. To help players choose the most suitable bet type and win with that bet, below are the most popular types of penalty shootout bets available today:

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Bet on the Overall Winner/Loser:

This is the simplest and easiest type of bet in penalty shootout betting. With this bet, you only need to research and bet on the team you predict will win. Note that this betting odds will only be calculated when the penalty shootout is fully completed, and the results are determined.

Bet on the Final Score of the Match:

This type of bet is relatively difficult and has a low winning rate. However, the potential winnings are substantial, making it a popular choice among many bettors.

Successful Penalty Kicks Betting:

This bet type allows you to bet on each team's penalty kicks individually. If the penalty kick you bet on is successful, you win the bet. Otherwise, you lose the bet.

Over/Under Total Successful Penalty Kicks Betting:

This type of bet is similar to over/under betting in a regular football match. The bookmaker will provide a predicted total number of successful penalty kicks from both teams. Your task is to bet on whether the actual total number of successful penalty kicks will be higher (Over) or lower (Under) than the bookmaker's prediction.

Total Penalty Kicks Taken Betting:

Similar to the over/under total successful penalty kicks bet, but in this type, you predict the total number of penalty kicks taken by both teams. This bet is often chosen by players because not every match will have exactly 10 penalty kicks. Some matches may require 15-16 rounds of penalties before a winner is determined.

In conclusion, wintips has shared all the details about penalty shootout betting in football. Hopefully, this knowledge has helped you understand more about betting and gain more experience to make accurate predictions. Good luck!


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