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Oracle 9i Client Download UPDATED Windows

Since September 2018 the instant client RPMs have been freely available on If you are using Oracle Linux and have root access you can install the instant client using Yum with a few simple commands.

oracle 9i client download windows

Download File:

  • Install the Oracle 9i client software if necessary.

  • Test that a SQLPlus connection can be made to the Oracle 9i server from a DOS command line on the client machine where ArcInfo Workstation will be run. Code:C:\>sqlplus system/oracle@ora920Do not proceed with the remainder of this article until a successful SQLPlus connection is made. Please consult Oracle and Oracle documentation in troubleshooting SQLPlus connections.

  • Open C:\arcgis\arcexe9x\database\oracle.dbs in a text editor such as Notepad.

  • Append the file as shown below: Code:ARC/INFO 9.0 - Oracle Server$ARCHOME/bin/dbi_oracle9i

  • Save the changes and close the text editor.

  • Quit SQLPlus and start ArcInfo in the same window that a successful SQLPlus connections was made. Code:C:\>arc

  • CONNECT to Oracle. Code:Arc: connect oracle system/oracle@ora920

I am a db beginner. I want to practice sqlplus on my computer(Vista). I thought I can install sqlplus without Oracle on my computer. I downloaded sqlplus the basic and instant client packages. Then I unzip them to c:\instantclient and run sqlplus, then tried to login sqlplus but failed for ORA-12560: TNS:protocol adapter error. I searched help from google and created tnsnames.ora following your advise but was not able to catch every detail. Here is the sqlplus zip files and the unzip directory on my computer. I have cygwin on my computer, here is the log I entered from my xterm prompt:

Hi Vitaliy Mogilevskiy,i am new in oracle i try to connect a remote oracle database followed by your tutorial.but when i run sqlplus in cmd the following error was givenC:\Documents and Settings\USER>sqlplus ****/***@TNS_ALIASError 6 initializing SQL*PlusMessage file sp1.msb not foundSP2-0750: You may need to set ORACLE_HOME to your Oracle software directorywhen i try with vs2008 through oracle client the following error was given :ora-12170 TNS:Connect Timeout occurred.

I am now trying to autostart the instance automatically on the linux box. I can probably do a script to start the listener and DB, but was wondering if there is an oracle script to do this job. On windows hosts, this is done by services automatically.

I have turned off my windows xp firewall and have also eliminated my router by connecting my machine directly to the DSL line. The listener is up and running when I use netstat; however, it seems to be blocked at the oracle application and not the operating system level. I would appreciate any insights into this.

hi i have instantclient oracle 11.2 with me and write now i dnt now where DB server is located but i want to finish configuration of client on my system. the instantclient oracle 11.2 what i have does not contain any exe file with it only some dll files are there , can you please help me out..

Hello Vitaly,Im working as an IT Professional in an org. I had to install oracle 10g client for win7 64 bit..I have installed administrator console one tat machine.everything was done perfectly and we got tns names folder also. In the below lineADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP)(HOST = QABLR)(PORT = 1521)) instead of QABLR for host we are givin an ip address and wen we try to save it , it throws an error which says something something ending with access denied. The employee has admin access to the system and we have made everything fine but the prob stil exists. can you please suggest me on this..and is dis info enough for you to come to an understanding about my issue?? Please help

I am installing oracle 11gR2 x64 on my Windows 7 x64bit environment and working fine.I want to access/administer the database using TOAD but always failed.I am using TOAD version 8.6.10 for x32 environment.I installed oracle client x32 since toad only support x32 environment.

Hi, I have installed Oracle Database 10g Client Release 2 ( on windows server 64 bit,Can I now install Oracle 10g server on same machine?If yes then will i have to uninstall client first..?

I have an application that is bundled with Oracle Instant client.the application uses the instant client to connect remotely to an oracle database using sqlplus.I get the error message TNS:protocol adapter error when i want to connect to the database.

In order to use OCI driver, you should have an Oracle client installed. You should have installedOracle8i(8.1.7) client from cd, and download the suitable JDBC/OCIdriver(Oracle8i JDBC/OCI Driver) from


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